15 Photos Of Finnish Lapphund Puppies With Pure Beauty

Finnish Lapphunds, also known as Lapinkoira, are delightful and versatile dogs that originated from the Arctic regions of Finland. Bred as reindeer herders, these lovable canines have captured the hearts of many with their friendly nature and striking appearance. In addition, the Finnish Lapphund is an intelligent, active, alert dog breed and has a gentle nature with children, so it is very suitable for families with small children. Here are 15 photos of finnish lapphund puppies with pure beauty.

#1 – “Timmi 8 months already ?” – Finnish Lapphund Puppy

#2 – “Looking for that cold shade spot. ? Week 9”

#3 – “Welcome home Kaya ??”

#4 – “Hey! Here is Havu, an almost 10-week-old Finnish Lapphund, he moved from Kuusamo to our family today. ❤️”

#5 – “Let me introduce our new family member. This is Timmi?”

#6 – “Summer lovin’, had me a ball ?”

#7 – “Is there anything better than snow, sun and being able to walk freely????”

#8 – “Happy Canada Day ??”

#9 – Kiru ? Finnish Lapphund puppy at 2 months old ??

#10 – “Another day for an adventure ⛰️”

#11 – “Maple ? Finnish Lapphund puppy ☀️”

#12 – “Caught doing a blep ?”

#13 – “My first ear stands upright ? Week 10”

#14 – “Greetings to the Lapdog Asterix? in the picture he is 6 weeks old, but today he is 8 weeks old and ready to move home to Oslo?”

#15 – “This cutie turned 12 weeks old on Monday ❤️”

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