15 Funny Pictures Of Velcro Dogs

These clingy dogs show off their unbreakable bond with their owners with fun snaps that capture their irresistible bond. From following their humans everywhere to snuggling at every opportunity, these Velcro dogs show off their adorable devotion. Here are 15 funny pictures of velcro dogs.

#1 – “Get a puppy they said. You won’t be so alone during quarantine they said. They were right…”

#2 – “She texted me “he won’t leave me alone””

#3 – “Without even consulting anyone, this guy unilaterally decided to stage an intervention”

#4 – “adopted a dog”

#5 – “Work from home and don’t leave the house often during the week. When I do he tries to block me from getting in the shower.”

#6 – “Definition of Velcro dog and I couldn’t be happier about it ❤️❤️❤️”

#7 – “This is what I see each time I’m about to get out of the shower.”

#8 – “My office assistant is very clingy today. Lily doesn’t heckin want to hear about all the reasons my hands aren’t giving her belly rubs and ear scratches.”

#9 – “Lei and Heffner “helping” me to slow down by denying me access to my computer ( they hopped in my work spot so I couldn’t get back there!) “

#10 – “Anyone else have a shower invader?? Also what stage clinging is this considered ?”

#11 – “Baby decided she needed to be the desk for the new home schooler!”

#12 – “Say no to personal space❤️”

#13 – “I always wanted a ‘clingy dog.’ And I got one.
The way this boy looks at me.
It seriously makes me cry. I feel so loved!
Don’t mind the mess, my heating blanket/cords fell to the floor.
Show me your pups that are obsessed with you! ❤❤❤”

#14 – “Arthur. He’s either a sleep on the job or staring over my shoulder.”

#15 – “This is Cowboy keeping a close eye on all my zoom school sessions wondering if I can just turn the volume down a little”

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