15 Photos Of Brittany Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

The Brittany, also known as the Brittany Spaniel, is a gun dog breed that was primarily bred for hunting birds originating from Brittany. The Brittany has a compact and quite athletic appearance that makes them look strong, active, intelligent and alert. The Brittany is also a breed that most dogs are born with a naturally short tail. The Brittany is an energetic, loyal, friendly, sweet dog, eager to please and easy to train. Here are 15 photos of brittany puppies that make everyone fall in love.

#1 – “More outdoors play time! The freckles on my legs are really starting to show. Changing every day…”

#2 – “Now that we have a full belly… time to nap”

#3 – “A wee Ollie photoshoot courtesy”

#4 – “I found a patch of grass outside!! Yippee!😀🐶”

#5 – “What’s better than one Brittany? Two Brittanys.😍 – Meet Jenvy-Libertie’s Can’t Help Being Sodalicious aka Fanta. She is a show and sport prospect and she’s already got the entire household wrapped around her little paw. 🥰”

#6 – Bucky✨ the Brittany puppy 🐾💕

#7 – “did someone say puppy dog eyes”

#8 – “with every end comes a new beginning, and I (Hazel) was the perfect new beginning for my family 🥰”

#9 – “To when Mars’ favorite toy was bigger than him!”

#10 – “I went to Fayetteville to play with my sister this weekend!! It was so much fun.”

#11 – Pepper 🐶🐾 the Brittany 💕🥰

#12 – “Starting to understand this whole “posing” thing 📸”

#13 – “Dog cannot live on meat and bones alone. He also requires a steady stream of rocks/sticks/dirt/gravel/mulch and all other yard waste available.”

#14 – “Mr. ducky is my best buddy 🦆”

#15 – “When your mom is a Hokie, your trip home will always take you through Blacksburg 🧡🦃”

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