15 Funny Pictures Of Border Collies With Happy Smiles

The happy faces with bright smiles of Border Collies easily melt everyone’s heart at first sight. Many Border Collie ​​owners have shared pictures of their Border Collies smiling brightly, cute, adorable and equally funny on social networks and received a lot of love from dog lovers. Here are 15 funny pictures of Border Collies with happy smiles.

#1 – “The biggest smile”

#2 – “Hard to have a bad day when you’ve got this guy smiling at you”

#3 – “Adopted this beauty in June. Egg was so shut down when I brought her home and this happy smile just bring the happiest tears to my eyes <3”

#4 – “they’re always smiling”

#5 – “Riley’s best smile”

#6 – “Big smile”

#7 – “My happy smiling buddy”

#8 – “My favourite smile!”

#9 – “That smile ?”

#10 – “Smile :)”

#11 – “Saturday morning smile!”

#12 – “Say hi to Daisy ? Her smile melts me every time!”

#13 – “Big smile ??”

#14 – “All smiles as always!”

#15 – “That’s the smile of a good boi! ❤️”

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