15 Adorable Pictures Of Dogs And Babies In The Dog Nanny Challenge

The dog nanny challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared adorable pictures of their dogs and babies together. Dogs tend to be loving, patient and protective of children. Here are 15 adorable pictures of dogs and babies in the dog nanny challenge.

#1 – “Best buds – Dog Nanny Challenge”

#2 – “Best friends hold hands and share pizza. 🍕😍” – Dog Nanny Challenge

#3 – “I dont let her lick his mouth, but did capture this close call. was a gentle cheek lick” – Dog Nanny Challenge 🥰

#4 – “We were really nervous about how our first baby, Beyonce (the GSD lol), would handle her new baby brother. Needless to say, we worried for nothing 😆”

#5 – “Brutus & Brady are best friends 💕” – The Dog Nanny Challenge

#6 – “Odin doing a protect.”

#7 – “Nala takes her babysitting duties seriously.”

#8 – “Yeah I’ll babysit whilst you finish your coffee!”

#9 – “Charlotte has 3 fur brothers but Lyle is definitely her favorite 🤩❤️”

#10 – Dog Nanny Challenge 🥰

#11 – “No need to fear, big brother Bruno is here ❤️”

#12 – “Bronson’s lil hooman ♥️” – Dog Nanny Challenge

#13 – “Can you feel the love or is she sneakin snacks to her dogs 😂”

#14 – “My moms dog is my little mans gaurd dog. He stays near him at all times when little man is visiting Dog Nanny Challenge”

#15 – “Baxter never leaves her side… he used to follow me around everywhere, but now he has a new favorite human. 💕👶🏼🐶”

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