Why Your Dog Wants You to Live in the Moment

#1 So You Can Find Peace in Every Moment.

Dogs don’t fret about the past or worry about the future; they seem to find joy in every moment and every activity. They put their attention to essential things in the here and now, like eating, drinking, and playing. If we could slow down to the pace of our dog’s life, we would take more rest, more time for reflection and contemplation, and realize that it’s in these still moments—between the stream of “doing things”—where we can find contentment.

#2 So You Can Develop Your Intuitive Senses.

Dogs are intently aware of their surroundings and have fully developed instincts for the energy around them. Have you ever wondered how your dog could just sense you were about to get ready and take him to the vet? They do not have a separate flow of rational thoughts in the background or a noisy filter of daily worries to contend with. They are simply in the present moment, fully, and can sense a change of energy next to them—which is you. When we clear our minds and open ourselves to our intuitive senses we, too, will experience more around us.

#3 So You Can Find Balance in a Stressful Life.

How many times have you found yourself worrying about either your own problems or those of your loved ones, and you look down at your dog and he’s sitting there next to you, chewing on his bone? Oblivious. Happy. Content. When we try not to stress so much about our problems or those of others, and we can simply find those things (not unlike a good bone) in our life to balance out the negative, then we know we’ll be okay.