Why Is My Cat Ejaculating? What To Do

Ejaculation is not common in fixed male cats, but it can be a common occurrence in unneutered ones. 

cat being caught self stimulating

Even light stimulation, such as kneading on or rubbing on a surface, might cause a cat to ejaculate if they’re experiencing its heat period. 

Is It Normal For a Cat To Self Stimulate?

In most cases, yes.

If your male cat is not fixed and he’s sensed that a female cat has gone into heat in your neighbourhood, but the two can’t meet up for copulation, your cat might masturbate. 

It’s not something that all animals do, but it is not something abnormal, either.

cat licking vulva

Of course, it is not a pleasant occurrence if you don’t like your furniture or carpets coming in contact with your pet’s semen. 

However, plenty of other animal species engage in self-stimulation, and some (such as pigs, for example) do it out of plain boredom, not just because of hormones. 

How To Stop Your Cat From Ejaculating

Neutered males have a much lower likelihood of ejaculating simply because their testicles are removed as a part of the surgical procedure. 

So, the most effective way to ensure that your pet doesn’t ejaculate in your home would be to get him fixed. 

a vet peforming checks on a cat

However the operation does not guarantee that your male cat will stop self-stimulation after a period of time. 

Do Neutered Cats Get Erections?

We all tend to think that if there are no testicles that can influence a cat’s reproductive behaviour, they will no longer experience an erection on occasion. 

But this is a myth. 

Even neutered cats can get erections, and it’s because besides the testicles, there are other body parts involved in the process, mainly hormones and the prostate. 

cat laying on back on windowsill

Since the prostate is an important organ for males of all species and it is most definitely not removed as part of the neutering surgery, you can’t be 100% sure that your cat will no longer get an erection even after getting him fixed. 

In most males, a period of three to six months is expected before all of the hormonal concentration in their body effectively gets to a limit where they are no longer interested in mating. 

However, if your male cat built a habit out of self-stimulating themselves, they might continue to do so even after being fixed. 

Can Neutered Cats Still Ejaculate?

Yes, but their sperm will no longer contain sperm cells. 

In theory, neutered cats might even be able to copulate with females, but the mating will never result in a pregnancy. 

How Long After Neutering Is Sperm Gone in Cats?

Given that sperm cells can survive for up to 72 hours and sometimes more in an animal’s body, some sperm might remain in the inguinal canal for a few says after the operation

Most male cats are not going to feel the need to mate with a female after being fixed, though, if not for any other reason than the fact that they will experience some amount of local pain or discomfort. 

cat licking private area

Therefore, even if your male cat were to mate after being neutered, if it happens a week after the surgery has occurred, for example, no pregnancy will result from that. 

The reason sperm cells are so resistant in all species is that they need to have the opportunity to come in contact with an ovum (egg cell) even if supposedly the isn’t experiencing ovulation at the time of copulation. 

This is not something that’s necessarily true in cats because females experience instantaneous ovulation at the time they mate with a male — which is why they almost always become pregnant. 

cat resting on sofa

Even so, that does not affect how long sperm cells can survive in their uterus and vagina or in the male’s inguinal canal. 

How Does a Male Cat Behave When Masturbating?

We’re all acquainted with the dry humping that some dogs engage in when they are in heat (or even when they’re not), but do male cats behave the same?

They can, but it’s not mandatory. 

Cats are complex creatures, and they can find pleasure and distraction in a variety of factors, objects, or even individuals that can be completely unexpected. 

For example, if your fixed male cat has the tendency to get on your lap, knead intensely for several minutes, and then jump down and start to lick their genital area, they may be masturbating.

cat rubbing against leg

It can sound a little off-putting for most cat parents, but it is completely normal. 

Other male cats do not engage in the same behaviour with people — they can have a favourite blanket, a favourite bathrobe, or just a favourite spot on your furniture that they’ve marked before. 

It is uncommon for cat owners to see their pets actually dry humping their furniture, and the reason for that is the male cat’s penis anatomy. 

It is considerably smaller when compared to that of other species, including dogs, so it can be challenging for them to manage to stimulate it just by rubbing it on a surface. 

This is why the initial part of the masturbation process is mental; the cat begins to feel very comfortable while kneading and then self-stimulates by touching or licking its genital area. 

cat licking lips

Do take into account that licking their penis can be a sign of disease, particularly urinary obstruction, so try to differentiate between the two by closely analysing your cat’s general behaviour. 

How Should I React if I See My Cat Masturbating?

Since dry humping people’s legs isn’t a common behaviour in male cats, whether they are fixed or not, you don’t have to make significant changes or start to stress yourself out because of this. 

Sure, it can be a little uneasy for you to realise that this is what your pet is doing, but it is a physiological behaviour, especially if you only notice it on occasion. 

cat licking lips on bed

Leave your cat be until they’re done with their business, especially since the quantity of semen that’s likely to result from the process is practically negligible. 

It can be so low that you may not even notice any spots on any surface that your cat masturbated on whatsoever. 

Most importantly, do not try to punish your cat, whether physically or by raising your tone at them. 

They are not going to understand what got you so worked up, and if you keep doing it, they will lose their trust in you. 

Finally, if your male cat is not neutered, consider doing so, especially if they also go outdoors on a regular basis. 

They will be calmer and might quit self-stimulating themselves altogether, and they will also no longer engage in fights with other males over the attention of females. 

Plus, they will like to spend more time indoors, therefore being more protected against infectious diseases and parasites. 

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