Tripod Kitten Wants to Be ‘Dishwasher Supervisor’ After Kind People Took Him into Their Care

A tripod kitten wanted to be the “dishwasher supervisor” after kind people took him into their care.

kitten dishwasher pawBenjamin the kittenLori White

A Good Samaritan found an orange kitten with a severely injured front leg and brought him into an emergency vet for help.

The kitten’s leg was surgically removed to save his life. At 7-8 weeks old, the tabby, named Benjamin, exhibited incredible resilience and bravery. His purr motor ran at full throttle, whenever he was around people.

When the vet visited him in recovery, he got up on all threes, eagerly nudging her hand for attention.

sweet kitten lap snugglesHe was found with a severely injured front legLori White

Lori White who fosters for (the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership), welcomed Benjamin into her home. She created a cozy nursery for him to recuperate in.

“As soon as I picked him up, he started purring and gave me his signature speak meow,” Lori shared with Love Meow. “I think he just knew he was no longer alone and was safe.”

tripod kitten gingerHe underwent an amputation to save his lifeLori White

The 3-legged wonder sniffed every corner of his new space. Once he satisfied his hunger with a hearty meal, he used his litter box with ease before turning his attention to the cat bed, wrestling with it in a playful frenzy.

The moment Lori spoke, his purrs erupted in bliss, filling the air with joy and contentment.

sweet tripod kitten couchBenjamin quickly bounced back on his pawsLori White

“He never seemed sad or in pain, he always wanted to try to move as quickly as he could, and was always excited to see people that came in his recovery room.”

Benjamin was itching to explore the rest of the house, be around other animals and people. If Lori was at her desk, he happily settled into her lap, his purrs a soothing melody.

sweet snuggly kitten tripodHe wanted to be around people and other catsLori White

“It’s like he was thinking, ‘I’ve lost a leg, but I have still got so much to do and see, and I’m not going to let this hold me back,'” Lori told Love Meow.

Benjamin, with his insatiable curiosity and innate sense of adventure, deemed the dishwasher to be the most fascinating discovery of all.

kitten on dishwasher meowingBenjamin discovered his penchant for the dishwasherLori White

“The first thing he got really excited about was my dishwasher. When I started letting him out of my office and into the rest of the house, he would run over to me when he heard the dishwasher door open.”

He began to supervise his foster mom as she put away the dishes, making sure that nothing was forgotten.

cute kitten tripod dishesHe supervised his foster mom as she put away the dishesLori White

“I have never had a kitten who loves the dishwasher more than Benjamin. He takes his supervisory role very seriously, making sure everything is loaded and unloaded properly.

kitten supervisor tripod dishwasherLori White

The nimble kitten’s acrobatics carried him to the summit of a large chair in the living room. He swiftly claimed it as his vantage point, watching everyone without being underfoot.

When the kitten was ready to look for his forever home, the perfect family turned out to be just a few miles away.

tripod kitten atop couchBenjamin found his favorite perching spot atop a big chairLori White

A veterinary staff member who had been a part of Benjamin’s story since the beginning, found herself wrapped around his little paws.

Benjamin, now Captain Hook, has joined his new mom and feline sister, Tinkerbell.

kittens friends sweetBenjamin (now Captain Hook) has found his forever home with a new feline sister, TinkerbellLori White

He quickly found the dishwasher in his new home and shared his first of many playful adventures with Tinkerbell.

kittens playfulHe quickly discovered the dishwasher in his new home with TinkerbellLori White

“Benjamin is quite the character and I have loved being a part of his journey. He has been a constant source of joy,” Lori shared.

“We can all learn something from his resiliency and gusto for life.”

sweet tripod kitten cuteLori White

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