This Pomeranian Is Always Happy Go Lucky And Brings a Smile Larger Than His Own When People See Him

This lovely and cheerful Pomeranian is named Chevy. He is known as a Pomeranian who is always full of happiness and has a super cute smile. My heart has melted when I see his smile, and couldn’t help but go to his Instagram s to see more pictures of him.

Tina Marcum Denlinger shared about Chevy: “Chevy is a 8 year old Pomeranian. We have never had the pleasure of owning a pupper that is full of joy continuously. He celebrates everything. He never walks into a room. He comes barreling in with a silly grin and spins. Feeding time is a 3 minute celebration or even opening a bag of treats is a celebration. His favorite thing to do is wear his visor and ride on our golf cart to say hello to everyone at our campground. He shares our home with his side kick Lexis who is a Pomeranian/ Corgi and 3 cats. Chevy is always happy go lucky and brings a smile larger than his own when people see him.”

Chevy has a Instagram account running by his pawrents Tina Marcum Denlinger. Don’t forget to follow his instagram to see more pictures and videos of his life!

#1 – “Eeek…. a mouse”

#2 – “I’m wondering if there’s a chance I might get bacon tomorrow”

#3 – “Chevy says: Happy Friday you all!”

#4 – “You know it must be getting cold out when Chevy gets out his hoodie.”

#5 – cheese!!!

#6 – “Chevy is in denial that camping season is over”

#7 – “It’s time for a fire”

#8 – Chevy was dressed up on Halloween

#9 – “Chevy says to get out and vote people!”

#10 – “Chevy enjoying some wind and sun on this beautiful day”

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