Things You Should Absolutely Know About Your Dog

Do you know any amazing facts about dogs?

The answer to that question is that dogs are wonderful companions and can turn out to be great pets. If you want to have a good pet. You must be ready to learn a lot more about this amazing creature.

Some of the amazing dog and puppy facts include the sense of smell, the characteristics of dogs, and the problems that are common in dogs.

Here are some amazing facts about dogs that you should know.

1. Their sense of smell can be 40 times more than ours.

Dogs have a 40-fold greater brain area that can detect different smells than humans. Your dog is able to pick up more smells than us. Dogs are often trained to detect drugs, people, and even money.

dog nose

Several of our hero hounds received PDSA medals because of their noses. Buster, an arms and explosives search dog, was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal for his extraordinary service in Iraq in 2003. He found a lot of weapons and explosives that were linked to extremist groups and saved many lives.

2. Some people have such good senses that they can spot medical issues.

Some people have such good senses that they can spot medical issues

Yes, medical detection dogs exist. Some dogs can be trained to detect medical conditions because of their keen sense of smell. They can be used to detect a specific condition and alert owners if they require more medication. They can even be trained to detect Covid-19.

Medical Detection Dog Pal, pictured above, was one of these amazing dogs and was awarded the PDSA order of merit. Pal alerted Claire of any changes in her sugar levels and played an important role in Claire’s diabetes recovery. These changes could have caused Claire’s death if not detected in time.

3. Dogs can smell and breathe simultaneously

Dogs can smell and breathe simultaneously

Dogs depend heavily on their senses of smell to find food and potential dangers. Dog’s noses are made so that scents can remain in their noses while air can flow in and out of the lungs simultaneously. This allows them to breathe freely and still figure out what it is.

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