Kitten Seen Sitting Near Traffic Lights Now Spends Each Day Holding Another Young Cat in Warm Home

A kitten who was seen sitting in the middle of the road near traffic lights, now spends each day holding another young cat in a warm home.

kitten sweet tabbyNadija

Early this month, a flash of movement on the road caught a Good Samaritan’s attention. She noticed a tiny, furry creature, thought to be a squirrel, sitting near the back of a car when she stopped at the traffic lights.

Once she realized it was not a squirrel but a kitten who was inches away from the car tire, she knew she had to act fast. She safely got out of her vehicle, raced toward the kitten and scooped her up in her arms.

She had no idea how the young cat ended up in the middle of the road, but the little one was safe at last.

stray kitten tinyThe kitten was found in the middle of a roadNadija

The kitten was very friendly, her eyes sparkling with gratitude. She curled up in a blanket and let her finder cuddle and clean her.

The finder reached out to her animal-loving ally, Nadija, an experienced foster volunteer for , asking if she could lend a hand to the little orphan.

sweet kitten carrierShe was safe and on her way to her foster homeNadija

“She’s one lucky kitten to not only have been rescued, but also to not have sustained any injuries,” Nadija shared. “She’s super cute, very chatty, appears healthy but very skinny. She’s extremely outgoing already.”

On her first night in her foster home, the little tabby sank into a deep and peaceful slumber, her belly full and content.

sweet kitten cuddle blanketVia TinyPawsFosters

She was so pleased with her new crib, a veritable feast for the senses, with its soft blankets, fluffy pillows, and plenty of toys. It soon became clear that she needed a feline friend, a kindred spirit with whom to share her days.

A few weeks before the tabby was found, another young cat, named Nori, was brought into care at just a couple of weeks old.

sweet kitten foster homeNadija

She had to be bottle-fed and cared for around the clock, and her will to live never wavered.

Nurtured by the love of a carer, Nori soared through the first week and emerged as a healthy, energetic kitten. She became a fearless soul, always eager to make new friends, regardless of size.

tiny tabby kittenNori learning to use her legs to walk and runNadija

Nori needed a playmate to share her adventures with, so with the arrival of the new kitten, Nadija decided to introduce them. It was love at first glance for both of them.

“They love having a friend to snuggle and play with, and are getting cuter by the minute.”

cuddly kittens sweetThe new kitten immediately took to Nori and started cuddlingNadija

They are like two peas in a pod, wrapping themselves in each other’s arms as if they had always been littermates.

“I often find them literally holding each other, or laying on one another, and it’s the sweetest thing. This is why two kittens are always better than one.”

sweet kittens snugglesThey became fast friendsNadija

Every day, Nadija enters the room to a scene of feline bliss, with the kittens curled up in a sweet embrace, their purring synchronized.

The two partners in mischief have formed a beautiful bond woven from shared experiences – both orphans and found outside – and unconditional affection.

cuddly kittens tabbyThey are always cuddling if they are not playingNadija

They will never have to spend another day outside as they enjoy a life of security, comfort and love.

snuggly kittens friendsNadija

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