Kitten Looks as if He Has ‘Ocean’ in His Eyes, Starting to See Clearly, His Wish Fulfilled with Cat Sister

A tuxedo kitten who looked as if he had an “ocean” in his eyes, started to see clearly.

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Two 3-week-old kittens were rescued from an animal shelter for a chance at a better life. One of them looked as if he had “an ocean in his eyes”.

Jamie who fosters for , took them into her home with open arms. The tuxedo was initially thought to be blind, but in the days that followed, he delighted his people with a surprise.

His feline sister always gravitated towards him, following him on his heels and wrapping her arms around him when they napped.

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Jamie treated them for some stomach issues and kept them well-fed and comfy with a spacious nursery, plenty of nourishment and all the love she could supply.

Both kittens were very small for their age, but their wills to live were strong. Bamm Bamm (tuxedo) and Pebbles (black) had an inseparable bond that kept them searching for each other if they weren’t side by side.

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A few days into their foster journey, Jamie took note of something remarkable about Bamm. He started to follow the movement of objects and even attempted to snatch or pounce on them.

Soon after their arrival, Bamm started getting eye drops daily as an extra measure to fight infections.

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Over the next few days, his eyes cleared up slightly while Jamie noticed his growing ability to spot movement. Everyone at the rescue let out a cheer as they realized the progress the tuxedo had made.

A specialist was able to diagnose Bamm with corneal ulcers which was likely caused by an infection before his eyes had opened.

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He was set to begin a serum treatment in addition to his eye drops, and was expected to have his vision restored.

The serum came from donated blood of healthy cats “who have antibodies to help reverse the damage from corneal ulcers.”

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“He was mostly blind when we first started fostering him and Pebbles. There has been a huge transformation from day one,” Jamie shared. “He can definitely see very clearly now. He gets around confidently.”

After a month in foster care, the brother and sister duo was ready for their next chapter in life. “They are bonded and absolutely crave attention.”

sweet kittens bonded@thekittensfoster

“Bamm won’t need any assistance whatsoever and is not considered special needs any longer,” Jamie added.

“Had we not started treatment right away, he could have lost his eyesight completely. Of course, he could still live a happy life, but now he gets to see the world. It’s such a gift.”

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A few days ago, the rescue was overjoyed when they received the news they had been waiting for – the kittens found their dream home together.

“We met with their new family and knew right away that they were the perfect fit. Both parents work from home, and Bamm and Pebbles have two new human siblings that are completely obsessed with them.”

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“Bamm’s eyesight is excellent, and he doesn’t need further treatment. (The doctor) also said that the cloudiness that’s still on his eyes is congenital, but doesn’t seem to affect him and that he can move around great without trouble.”

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“There is nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect family for our fosters. It makes the goodbye so much easier, knowing they’ll be loved and cherished as much as we love and cherish them.”

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