Celebrities and Their Famous Fur-babies

Just like us, many celebrities have furry companions to add some happiness, fun, and joy to their lives. But since their parents are celebrities and in the public eye, these pets too become celebrities and we all love to admire their cuteness on the internet. After all, they are adorable! In this blog post, we would like to share a few of our favorite cute and adorable celebrity pets with you!

1. Taylor Swift’s Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson

There’s no denying that Taylor Swift is little bit of a crazy cat lady. And we love crazy cat ladies! When Swift is not selling out stadiums for her concerts, she’s at home chilling with her two fur babies—Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. Swift got Meredith—a Scottish fold cat—back in 2011 on Halloween, and she got Olivia, also a Scottish fold cat in June 2014. Both the cats are named after Swift’s favorite TV show characters. Meredith is named after Dr. Meredith Grey from the hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy, and Olivia is named after Detective Olivia Benson from the TV show Law & Order: SVU.

2. Miley Cyrus’ Piggy

The Malibu singer got herself an unusual pet – a pig! – who she’s named Pig. Miley Cyrus has many more fur babies but, piggy has gained huge popularity on social media. She even dressed piggy up as bacon on Halloween! Cyrus likes to take Pig out on a spa date with her and spoil this little piggy who she received as a gift from PETA in November 2012. Miley Cyrus loves animals and shares her life with quite a few, many of which she has rescued. Go Miley!

3. Liam Hemsworth’s Dora

Liam Hemsworth rescued a rather large Labradoodle in November 2015 with his then fiancé, Miley Cyrus.   The 26-year old actor adopted the dog from Wylder’s Holistic Pet Centre in Los Angeles where Cyrus found the dog and sent him tonnes of pictures of the cutie, as he was in China at the time. As soon as Hemsworth returned to the States, he adopted the dog and they haven’t looked back since.

4. Ciara’s Tyson and Texas

In August of 2015, Ciara got herself two adorable little miniature poodles named Tyson and Texas. Ciara likes to carry her pooches around in style in her fashionable Louis Vuitton bag, which makes them look and feel like superstars. The singer loves to take her furry friends wherever she goes—they even shop together! Even though the superstar has a jam-packed schedule, she still finds the time to play with her fur babies.

5. Toulouse and Ariana Grande

The R&B singer adopted this little munchkin on September 13, 2013. Toulouse is a Beagle-Chihuahua mix and Grande’s beloved pet. The Side to side singer cried tears of joy when she adopted her fur baby. Grande named the dog after a beige kitten from the Disney movie The Aristocats. Toulouse went on tour with Ariana during her Honeymoon Tour and attended every concert. She really loves to travel.

6. Smoke and Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum rescued a horse named Smoke and is living the dream of every seven-year-old girl! The Magic Mike actor introduced his new four-legged friend to the world through an Instagram post in August 2015. He captioned the post, “Meet “Smoke” my rescue horse. He loves beer! We’re meant to be. (to be clear he just loves the smell)”. Smoke is Tatum’s second rescue animal. He got a Pitbull named LuLu back in 2008.

7. Miranda Kerr’s Frankie

Supermodel Miranda Kerr got herself an adorable little Yorkshire Terrier named Frankie in June 2010, around the time she was splitting from Orlando Bloom. The little Yorkie keeps the supermodel company when she’s on shoots or alone at home. Frankie also likes to spend a lot of time with the supermodel’s son and the two of them are often seen cuddling.

8. Cleo and Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid adopted a tiny and cute little kitten named Cleo in June 2015 and has been obsessed with the adorable little creature ever since. The supermodel posts a lot of photographs of the kitty on her social media channels, and the kitty even has an Instagram account of her own with over 8,000 followers! Taylor Swift, one of Hadid’s best friend and a cat mom also showers her love on the kitty!

9. Graham and Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a proud daddy of a rescue kitten he named Graham. The adorable little kitten was about to get put down so, the Shape of You singer decided to adopt him. The singer is obsessed with his kitty and even has a Twitter account for the kitten with over 67,000 followers. Now that’s a famous kitten! The Grammy-winner also got kisses from Swift’s cat Meredith.

10. Lady Gaga’s Asia

Lady Gaga is a proud mama of a French Bulldog named Asia which she got in April 2014. Asia loves her mommy’s attention, and the Bad Romance singer is obsessed with her pooch. Asia is sort of an independent woman, but enjoys cuddles with her mum. The super cute Frenchie can be spotted in her mummy’s arms (and sometimes handbag) and likes to accompany her on shopping trips or errands.