Cats And Dogs With Their Famous Humans

Cats and dogs are cool enough on their own, but just in case you weren’t convinced about this verified fact, here are some famous people with their pets to convince you.

Given how most of the pet owners on this list are larger-than-life celebrities, it’s nice to know that even they enjoyed the company of pets just like we do. Sure, maybe not all of us can afford an ocelot like Salvador Dali, but it’s nice to know that sometimes, when he wasn’t creating mind-bending and iconic surreal art, he was scratching a purring little tiger behind its ears. And Maf the dog probably gave Marilyn Monroe a peck or two on the lips, the million and one men who would have given everything to give her a kiss notwithstanding.

Some of these pets had significant influences on their owners. Freddie Mercury was known as an especially avid cat lover, and owned quite a few. One of them, Delilah, was the inspiration between the song of the same name – which sounds like it could be a love song until he complains about Delilah peeing on his furniture.

Salvador Dali With His Ocelot Babou

Kurt Cobain And His Kitten Quisp

Alfred Hitchcock With His Sealyham Terrier Sarah


Freddie Mercury With One Of His Many Cats

Paul McCartney And His English Sheepdog Martha

Elvis Presley And His Hound Dog

Jack Kerouack And Tyke

Franklin Roosevelt And His Black Terrier Fala