Cat Had One Kitten that Looked Unlike the Others, She Became Very Close to One of the Mini-mes

A cat had a kitten that looked unlike the others. She became very close to one of the mini-mes.

gray cat kittens tuxedoAsa

A cat and her six kittens arrived in their foster home after a brief stay at the shelter. They were provided with a warm and inviting nursery with a generous supply of blankets.

As the mother settled in with her six, she was delighted with the boundless food at her beck and call. Five of her kittens looked like her mini-mes, and the black and white runt had a spark all her own.

The sole non-gray kitten turned out to be the most mischievous of all.

gray cat kittens tuxedoAsa

In no time, Smokey, the cat, warmed up to her foster mom, Asa who volunteers for Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Her wriggly six kept her on her toes with constant demands of feeding and cleaning.

With the large litter of kittens, there was often a tussle over milk. The runt, Spammy, adored the occasions when she had her mom’s undivided attention.

kitten nursing cat momSpammy had her mom all to herself, and Smokey smiled with a cute blepAsa

Once she filled her belly to the brim, she pressed her face against her mom or climbed onto her back for extra warmth and comfort.

When she was strong enough to venture outside her nest, she turned into a ball of energy. “Spammy is 100% the most mischievous one of them all,” Asa shared with Love Meow.

kitten in food bowlOne of her many escapadesAsa

With the kittens weaned and romping around independently, Smokey was ready to retire from motherhood and find a place of her own.

“She is so sweet, friendly and laid-back. She’s clearly over being a mom. She deserves to be relieved of mom duties and be in a new home where she can blep in peace and get her much-needed alone time.”

gray cat blepSmokey was happy to retire from motherhoodAsa

Spammy and her five siblings continued their daily rampage, tearing through the room with unbridled energy. The little sister was fearless and tried to get Asa’s resident dog to wrestle with her.

She was the ringleader of them all, guiding her crew onto new adventures steeped in mischief.

kitten playful dogSpammy was the most mischievous and adventurousAsa

“She fully lives up to her title as the runt by being the designated trouble stirrer, then combine that with being the only non-gray baby, you’ve got this quirky, independent, hilarious, handful Spam.”

lap filled kittens catsAsa

One after another, all (including the mom) but two kittens were adopted by families and moved into cozy new homes filled with toys and love.

gray kittens cuddle puddleAsa

Spammy (the runt) and her brother Prosciutto (the biggest of the litter) had separate homes lined up, but they both fell through.

“They became really close, especially after the other siblings left. I guess the universe wanted them to stay together.”

snuggly kittensProsciutto and SpammyAsa

When the two curled up together, their size difference was even more apparent, with Prosciutto almost as big as his mom.

Spammy continued to be a whirlwind of mischievous activity, keeping everyone entertained with her endless antics.

cuddly bonded kittensThey became a bonded pairAsa

“She’s been such a silly, quirky girl since the day she arrived in our home as a week-old baby.”

About 10 days ago, after 3.5 months in foster care, the two best friends departed for their dream home, together.

cuddly kittens best friendsAsa

“I’m happy they’ll get to stay together forever,” Asa shared. “They were such a fun bunch and I’ll miss them dearly, but it’s time to make room for others in need.”

sleeping cuddly kittensThey have been adopted togetherAsa

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