Can You Use Baby Wipes On Cats?

If you’ve ever wondered if baby wipes are safe to use on cats, the answer is a clear no

Of course, there are a variety of such wipes commercially available today, and not all of them might contain dangerous ingredients. 

However, cats are perfectly capable of grooming themselves without needing any help on your behalf.

If you do have to clean your cat’s body, you can use safer alternatives. 

What Happens If I Use Baby Wipes On My Cat?

It depends on where exactly on your cat’s body you utilise the baby wipes. For example, the eyes, the mouth, the nose and even your cat’s ears should never be cleaned with baby wipes. 

The result from doing so could be mild or severe irritations. Your pet might also develop a bad case of conjunctivitis or even rhinitis due to the chemicals present in these products. 

But even if you do not clean your cat’s eyes or other sensitive areas with such wipes, you might cause some issues. 

cat baby wipes

For instance, since cats don’t like scents or moisturisers or anything else that might not make them feel like themselves, they will most likely groom their bodies after you have used the baby wipes. 

Depending on which is always an alarming symptom and one that can cause you to go to the emergency vet clinic. 

Some ingredients can cause irritations in your cat’s oral cavity, or your pet might even end up suffering from poisoning. 

Are Baby Wipes Safe To Use On Cats?


Some of the ingredients that generally make baby wipes unsafe for cats are the following:

Soaps and detergents – Both of these can irritate your cat’s mouth and even parts of her digestive system. Even though the number of cases where pets have developed gastritis as a result of coming in contact with these ingredients is low, you can’t overrule this possibility. 

Aloe – Aloe is a great plant for humans, but it’s unsafe for cats and other animals. Did you know that aloe is, in fact, poisonous for this species? Despite aloe toxicity being mild to moderate in both dogs and cats, it could lead to some unpleasant clinical signs. Just to name a few, your cat might vomit, have a bout of diarrhoea, for food and water for at least several hours, and even experience muscle tremors. 

Lavender – The flowers of this plant smell great, and many people use it to freshen up their houses. But the problem is that some baby wipes contain lavender oil which is known to be toxic to cats. 

Alcohol – This one is self-explanatory. in any way, shape, or form, as it can significantly affect their nervous system and make them exhibit a number of severe symptoms. 

Propylene glycol – This substance is poisonous to cats. In the past, it used to be a common ingredient in cat food, but most manufacturers have stopped using it. Even the healthiest pets can be affected by propylene glycol. Diarrhoea and vomiting are two of the most common symptoms, but in some animals, it can also cause hyperkalemia. 

Antibacterial agents – Although most baby wipes don’t contain antibacterial agents, triclosan is one of those that are present in some types. It causes problems in cats when it is ingested in the sense that it could even cause inflammation of the colon. Some pets might even develop inflammatory bowel disease. 

Artificial preservatives – Artificial colours, surfactants, and preservatives such as formaldehyde or phenoxyethanol are particularly dangerous to pets, in general, and cats, in particular. 

Even popular brands of baby wipes like Huggies or Pampers have these substances in them. 

Although most countries have either banned or regulated the amounts that can be present in these products, small quantities are risky for cats. 

Are Any Types of Baby Wipes Cat Safe?

Some baby wipes might be safer than others, but it is a good idea to steer clear of all of them. 

Since they are not specially made for this species, and since the pH of humans’ skin also differs from that of cats, they do not make a good choice in general. 

In other words, the answer to this question is no.

Even if you might think that baby products are usually safe to use on animals, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, at least in this case. 

Can You Use Baby Wipes On Cats Eyes?


In fact, your cat’s eyes are very sensitive to a wide range of chemicals, so the last area you should clean with baby wipes is this. 


Some cat breeds are more predisposed to having eye discharge more often than others, such as flat-faced ones (like ). 

But the best way of cleaning these pets’ eyes is to either use a clear saline solution or a warm cloth that has been soaked in water — nothing else. 

Can I Use Baby Wipes On My Cat’s Bum?

Even though this body region might call for a little attention now and then, the truth is that baby wipes are not safe for your cat’s nether region, either. 

This is because cats take a lot of time to groom that area, too, so they might accidentally ingest one of the ingredients present in wet wipes. 

These days, there is a range of pet-friendly wipes that you can find online, and they all contain vet-approved ingredients.

They also do not run the risk of hurting your pet in any way. 

Most of these pet wipes are made with natural ingredients.

More importantly, some do not even come with any artificial scents or other shady additives, which might affect your cat’s health in a negative manner. 

A good example would be , which are not only fragrance-free, but they are also biodegradable.

They don’t even contain alcohol or parabens and they are also free of any harsh chemicals. 

Can Baby Wipes Hurt Cats?

Intoxication cases in this species from having used baby wipes are quite rare.

We have to admit that some types might not contain the worrying ingredients we have previously mentioned. 

But other varieties can be dangerous.

As such, if you do not want to end up at the vet’s with a bad case of poisoning, conjunctivitis, or digestive distress, we suggest avoiding these products altogether. 

What Can I Wipe My Cat Down With?

The truth is that almost anything is safer than wipes made primarily for humans. 

This is because cats have specific grooming behaviours, and even if you might try to stop your pet from licking that area, it will most likely happen in a second when you aren’t looking. 

A damp cloth is the safest option you have available. Paper towels make a good choice, too. 

Finally, since there are pet wipes available for sale these days, simply get several packets and have them in your home if your cat tends to have accidents on a regular basis. 

For cleaning your cat’s eyes or other sensitive areas, talk to your vet about what you can use. 

They are most likely to recommend a vet-approved product that could contain very mild disinfectants.

Even a sterile eyewash can get the job done and not raise any health concerns. 

What Kind Of Wipes Are Safe For Cats?

Wipes that are marketed as ‘’ are the safest. 

What we have to note in this case is that this species tends to be a lot more sensitive compared to others, which is why even dog wipes might not be safe. 

Also, dogs tend to have different behaviours, so they are less likely to lick their bodies in an attempt to clean them.

That would mean that the substances would dry on their skin or coat without the risk of the animal ingesting any of it. 

When shopping for pet wipes, we recommend looking for fragrance and preservative-free alternatives. These are the best as they don’t put your cat’s health at risk in any way. 

Also, as much as you might want your cat to smell nice, make sure you in them. 

Although they are natural, they can irritate your cat’s skin or mucous membranes. Lemongrass, verbena, and lavender extracts are ingredients you should look out for. 

Additionally, if you already have baby wipes in your home, before you decide to use one for cleaning your cat’s body, have a look at the ingredients beforehand. 


Baby wipes are not safe to use on cats in any way. Although some varieties can be safer than others, pet-friendly wipes are much better, and they also don’t contain harmful ingredients. 

For any doubts about any products, ask your veterinarian beforehand and request a recommendation from them.

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