Bobcat Mom and Kittens Give Woman Surprise Visit on Her Doorstep

A lady got a surprise visit from a mama Bobcat and her three babies. The furry family of four were spotted wandering around the neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta last summer.

It was August, 2015, when Katherine Reiffenstein ran into the Bobcat family. She couldn’t believe what she saw right on her doorstep.

Photo: Katherine Reiffenstein

“I saw the mother and one kitten, and all of a sudden kittens just started popping up,” Reiffenstein said to .

She got the chance to snap a few photos before they ran across the street. “I have never seen a wildcat before… I was quite lucky to see them.”

Photo: Katherine Reiffenstein

According to Alberta Fish and Wildlife officials, the mama and her kittens were just looking for food and water, and there was no need to be worried.

Photo: Katherine Reiffenstein

Bobcats don’t normally show up in residential areas, however, some residents have seen these magnificent animals right by their home.

In a separate story, . They believed the mother was nearby.


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