43 Harry Potter Cat Names

Are you a big Harry Potter fan?

Why not inject some magic into your life by naming your cat after one of the characters in the book?

harry potter cat names

Here are 43 great Harry Potter cat names to get you started:

1. Arabella

Arabella is the perfect name for a slightly batty feline. 

2. Albus

Naming your cat Albus or Dumbledore gives them a great legacy to live up to. It’s a great name for a highly intelligent, patient kitty.

3. Andromeda

As the only one of the Black sisters to choose the moral high-road, Andromeda is the epitome of kindness. Her name suits a regal Russian Blue perfectly. 

4. Aurora  

Does your cat always seem to have their head in the clouds? Then naming them after the Astronomy professor might be a great fit. 

5. Bellatrix

Bellatrix is one of the scariest characters in the books. She’s also wilful and does whatever she wants. Does that sound like any cat you know? 

6. Bones

Make no bones about it, if your cat loves to sit in judgement of you, this is the perfect name. 

7. Crookshanks

For the traditionalists, naming their pet after Hermione’s cat in the series makes the most sense. 

8. Dobby

If the words loyal and caring apply to your kitty, or they have a quirky look, naming them Dobby is an easy fit. 

9. Emmeline 

If you prefer a less well-known member of the team, Emmeline’s fearless streak might impress you. She came to a bit of a sticky end, but not before dealing a few blows against the Dark Lord. 

10. Fang 

We’re cheating a little here. Fang is a hound, not a cat. Still, it’s a pretty awe-inspiring name for a scrappy alley cat. 

11. Fawkes 

Fawkes makes an ideal name for a rescue kitty that’s been through a lot during its lifetime. Considering that , naming them after a phoenix seems apt. 

12. Kingsley 

Kingsley is a stately name for a serious cat that takes life seriously. Be warned, your cat might try to revolutionize how you run your home. 

13. Lupin 

You’ll appreciate the irony of naming your cat after a werewolf if you have a slightly warped sense of humour. 

14. Norbert 

Only Harry Potter fans will understand the inside joke when you name your little spitfire after a dragon. 

15. Padfoot 

While Sirius’s character in the movie turned into a dog, the name is just as relevant for cats. 

16. Percy

Does your cat have an inflated sense of their own importance? Naming them after Percy Weasley may be spot on the nose. 

17. Riddle 

If your cat has something of a dark side, naming them after Voldemort’s younger self is a good nod to it. 

18. Salazar

Slytherin House isn’t a fan favourite, but the founder’s name is an interesting one for a pet. 

19. Sturgis 

A loyal member of the Order of the Phoenix, Sturgis paid by spending time in Azkaban. If your pet won’t leave your side, this name may fit well. 

20. Filch

Filch is ideal for a scruffy, but intelligent cat that likes to pinch little treats.

21. Fluffy

Do you have a huge Maine Coone? Fluffy might well suit him well. 

22. Ginny

We can see Ginny as a huge, loving ragdoll cat that loves wrapping its humans around its fingertips. 

23. Harry

We couldn’t very well leave out the hero of the story. Like Harry, the cat that bears this name is brave, spunky domestic. 

24. Hedwig

A Devonshire Rex has the intelligence of an owl and would suit the name well. 

25. Hermione

Hermione works well for a Siamese. They’re clever, no-nonsense, and never stop talking. 

26. Hufflepuff 

Hufflepuff House values hard work and integrity. While cats aren’t known to suffer ethical dilemmas, it makes a cute name for a British shorthair. 

27. Lavender

Lavender is a pretty way to describe a . Your cat will cast a spell on you in a second. 

28. Lily

A sweet and gentle little girl deserves this beautiful name. 

29. Lord Voldemort

Do you dare mention he who shall not be named? Let us know if your cat is set on world domination. 

30. Luna

The shy and kind Abyssinian would do well with this name. 

31. Millicent  

Who’ll ever forget the first time Hermione used the Polyjuice potion. This name is a nod to that amusing incident. 

32. Minerva 

As the professor that effortlessly turns herself into a cat, we had to find a place for Minerva on this list. 

33. Mrs Norris

The sly Maine Coon in the movies helped Filch keep an eye on what the students were up to. 

34. Muggle

We’re not sure that the term “muggle” applies to cats. After all, they’re all born with some magic. Still, it’s a cute name. 

35. Nagini

Nagini is a lesser known character with an interesting backstory. Although she turned evil in the end, she was fiercely loyal to Lord Voldemort. That has to count for something. 

36. Nimbus

A or Burmese move so fast that they seem to fly about the room. What better name then than Nimbus? 

37. Niffler

A niffler, much like a cat, is generally harmless. Don’t flip that kill switch if you know what’s good for you, however. 

38. Nox 

Wizards use the term “Lumos Nox” to put their wands out so that they can sneak around. As cats are such excellent little sneaks, the name suits them well. 

39. Poppy

It’s the alliteration that makes the name, Poppy Pomfrey, so much fun to say. While not a big character in the books, we wanted to include her for her nurturing nature. 

40. Potter

Potter, when not said in the guttural tones of Draco Malfoy, is a fun name for a cute little Bengal. 

41. Squib

Has your cat been born without an ounce of magic? Let the world know by calling it Squib. 

42. Tonks

Can you imagine a more fitting tribute to Nymphadora Tonks than naming your Tonkinese after her? 

43. Septima

Do you love the magic of mathemathics? Septima taught arithmancy at Hogwarts, and so is the perfect tribute to both worlds. 

What Will You Name Your Cat? 

Did you come across the perfect Harry Potter cat name in this list?

We’ve given you a start, but if you didn’t quite find the right fit, don’t fret.

There are hundreds of characters in the wizarding world you might select instead. 

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