15 Photos Of English Setter Puppies That Make Everyone Fall In Love

The English Setter, a medium-sized breed, boasts an elegant appearance, combining solid beauty and charm. Renowned for a gentle temperament, these dogs, occasionally strong-willed, embody the title “Gentleman by Nature.” Their distinctive coat, in colors like blue belton and orange belton, enhances their regal demeanor. Known for agility and endurance, English Setters make excellent companions, excelling in both the field and home, embodying a perfect blend of style and substance. Here are 15 photos of english setter puppies that make everyone fall in love.

#1 – “Philip, 12 weeks old🧡” – English Setter Puppy

#2 – “Oscar’s and Lilly’s puppies 8 weeks old🥰🥰”

#3 – “Wow a day dedicated to being a puppy… count me in!”

#4 – “What are you saying mum? 🤨🥺⁣”

#5 – “Sunflower Fields Forever 🌻”

#6 – “Little Teasmade Yang enjoys the snow that fell last night❄️☀️”

#7 – “Baby Lillie at little over 4 months old”

#8 – “Haervola’s Herman 🐾 English setter”

#9 – “Hope you all are enjoying warmer weather than 0 degrees in MN!”

#10 – “Just need our weekly throwback to make it through the week”

#11 – “Day 5 at home with my family, been a super good girl today ❤”

#12 – “A typical 5 week old tricolor Teasmade puppy girl🥰”

#13 – “I can’t believe they didn’t let me play 🐾”

#14 – Cute English Setter puppy 🐾💕🥰

#15 – “Mum I’m 4 months this week! 🐶😮‍💨⁣”

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