15 Funny Pictures Of Newfoundlands With Happy Smiles

The happy faces with bright smiles of newfoundlands are easy to melt people’s hearts. Many newfoundland ​​owners have shared pictures of their newfoundlands smiling brightly, cute, adorable and equally funny on social networks and received a lot of love from dog lovers. Here are 15 funny pictures of newfoundlands with happy smiles.

#1 – “Hey this is my new boy alfie from Ireland already massive at 14 weeks 🥰🥰🥰”

#2 – “Hi Everyone! Everyone has been so helpful in this group so far and I am so thankful to have you all as a resource. We have our 10 week old Newfie and are looking to invest in a good dryer. Any reccomendations? We know they can be quite pricey so we were hoping for something reasonable. Picture for attention (just loving his belly rubs )”

#3 – “Newfs have the absolute best personalities. 😂 Baloo is 6 months old and training him and building a bond with him has been challenging at times but an absolute highlight of my life. ♥️”

#4 – “Meet TUG 8 weeks old 15 lbs just got him last night !! He is such a good boy all ready,love him!”

#5 – “Greetings from Finland. I am Hedda 2 years old”

#6 – “My girl Star, her smile sure does brighten the day.”

#7 – “we have a winner the Ava large breed puppy kibble!”

#8 – “How I wake up most mornings. ❤️ my Bella bear”

#9 – “Pic of my goofy guy’s face because it cracks me up!”

#10 – “Took Barney to vets today to be checked over. Weighs 11.5kg (25lbs) at 8 weeks old.”

#11 – “My guy turned 4 months old this week. He is getting so big. Hes doing so well! No accidents in the house in two weeks, no chewing and listens so well! He’s already almost bigger than my 10 year old lab/pit. 💙🐾”

#12 – “Ellie has the sweetest smile!”

#13 – “Bear smiles when he lies on his back”

#14 – “Best of all, his eyes stay happy now ☺️ State forest walk yesterday, pics.”

#15 – “My girls are full of smiles”

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