15 Funny Pictures Of Dachshunds With Their Tongues Out

Dachshunds are well-known for their charming personalities and quirky behavior, and it’s hard not to fall in love with them. But have you ever seen a dachshund with their tongue out? These adorable dogs become even more lovable and funny with their tongues sticking out. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 15 hilarious and adorable pictures of dachshunds with their tongues out that are sure to brighten up your day. Whether you’re a dachshund lover or a dog lover in general, you won’t want to miss these cute and funny moments captured on camera.

#1 – “Happy Sunday funday 😋 @katieledf”

#2 – “My baby Oreo🤍🖤 – @Adventureswith_oreo”

#3 – “Hi everyone, little Lola dreaming away!”

#4 – “Hello im Berry 🥰”

#5 – “My peachy is 4 months and super hyper.. is everyone’s dachshund like this?? (By the way this is my first puppy)”

#6 – “Tongue out, one eye open, sound asleep. Our little weirdo.”

#7 – “she was in this position for a long time… tongue out and everything”

#8 – “Tongue Out Tuesday.”

#9 – “My name is Hershey ☺️😊”

#10 – “Lou Lou says “ Good nite and good riddance to that squirrel 🐿 “ tomorrow my friend I’m hunting you again””

#11 – “Happy tongues out Tuesday 😝”

#12 – “My 3 week old Dapple boy Lynkynn (Lynk) has 2 blue eyes ! I can’t wait to pick up my baby next month !!! Him is so cute look at the chunky rolls in his paws 😘”

#13 – “Anybody else’s pup sleep with their tongue out?”

#14 – “had to share my goofy little pup remington, after coming in from playing with his buddies for hours he likes to lay around with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth 🥺🤣”

#15 – “Gunner sticking his tongue out…”

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