15 Funny Pictures Of Adult Rottweilers With Puppy Eyes

Sweet rottweilers with their puppy eyes and innocent expressions are easy to melt the heart of anyone who sees them. Many rottweiler owners have shared pictures of their adult rottweilers but still regularly use their puppy eyes in many funny and adorable situations. Here are 15 funny pictures of adult rottweilers with puppy eyes.

#1 – “She still has her puppy eyes.”

#2 – “and the best puppy eyes award goes to…”

#3 – “Puppy eyes every time he looks at me even though he’s big”

#4 – “Yup, I’m still going to work, not even your sad puppy eyes could stop me :*”

#5 – “The queen of puppy dog eyes who knows she shouldn’t be on the couch”

#6 – “Luna still gives puppy dog eyes”

#7 – “Year and a half and still using her puppy eyes”

#8 – “Oh puppy eyes”

#9 – “Hard to resist her puppy eyes”

#10 – “I know you love my puppy dog eyes ?”

#11 – “Sigmar doesn’t want me to go to work”

#12 – “Simba giving puppy eyes”

#13 – “Puppy eyes still going strong, even when you’re almost 7 years old.”

#14 – “There’s no words for the puppy eyes they give ??”

#15 – “Puppy eyes to come up on the bed!”

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