15 Adorable Pictures Of Sleeping Dachshunds

Many dachshund owners have shared pictures of their dachshunds sleeping with cute, unique and funny poses. These pictures of sleeping dachshunds receive a lot of love and shares from dog lovers. Here are 15 adorable pictures of sleeping dachshunds.

#1 – “Eat, sleep, grow, repeat”

#2 – “What about tiny baby sleeping weenies?”

#3 – “If he can’t sleep on my lap, this is how he sleeps😭😍 anyone else’s baby have a favourite toy/teddy?❤️ – Instagram: @minimiloslife”

#4 – “Thought you’d appreciate my babies sleeping”

#5 – “A baby Poppy sleeping on her snuffle mat”

#6 – “Rikki loves to sleep 😴”

#7 – “Please let me sleep a little longer!”

#8 – “My sleeping beauty💖”

#9 – “Anybody else’s wiener dog sleep like this?”

#10 – “My 12-week old and 16 year-old dachshund sleeping together”

#11 – “New to the Dachshund world. Is this all they do? Sleep and cuddle? Lol”

#12 – “Meet our little girl Penelope. She is the sweetest little puppy. We are so in love with her. “

#13 – “Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep.”

#14 – “Who else’s ween loves to sleep face to face? I don’t have the heart to move her. I’d rather have a sore neck.”

#15 – “Sleeping Angels”

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