15 Adorable Dogs Who Learned The Hard Way To Never Mess With Bees

Dogs often have a habit of snapping small flying insects with their mouths. It is these things that can cause dogs to experience undesirable problems when accidentally biting bees or wasps (also known as Jalapeño sky raisins). In the best cases, the mouths of dogs stung by a bee will be only slightly swollen and slightly painful or irritating. But in some cases, dogs can be allergic to insect stings, causing them to become severely swollen, difficult to breathe, and potentially life-threatening. Here are 15 adorable dogs who learned the hard way to never mess with bees.

#1 – “Winnie Poo still wondering why the bee didn’t want to play ..”

#2 – “Bee stings aren’t fun.”

#3 – “PsBattle: This dog that ate a bee.”

#4 – “I also tried to eat a bee..”

#5 – “Someone ate a bee. (Before and after the vet.)”

#6 – Chihuahua tried to eat bees

#7 – “Curious Lacey with a bee-stung face.”

#8 – “My puppy learned about bees the hard way this weekend”

#9 – “Today Leha got stung by a wasp! We are so sad but she is getting better!!”

#10 – “My friend’s dog ate a bee”

#11 – “Puppy after some bee stings”

#12 – “Shibeebe”

#13 – “My dog got stun by a bee”

#14 – “My puppy ate a bee today..”

#15 – “My dog decided to fight some bees”

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