14 Cat Breeds Who Like Water

Many of the breeds that like to be in and around water have water-resistant fur that dries quickly.


They also tend to originate from areas near water and many have short fur that doesn’t hold as much water as long fur does.

It is not a guarantee that individuals of the breeds listed below are going to love water as much as other members of the same breed.


Remember, it varies from individual to individual depending on their exposure and experiences when they were younger.


With that said, the following 14 breeds have all developed reputations as water-loving cats:

1. Abyssinian

abyssinian cat by pool

The Abyssinian is an energetic cat that loves to be busy.


These cats are from Indian Ocean coastal areas so it’s no surprise they seem to be more comfortable around water than many cat breeds.

Abyssinians enjoy splashing around in large bowls of water or fountains.

These social cats love water, if you leave a tap running around an Abyssinian they will soon make a game of it.

2. American Bobtail

american bobtail cat

American Bobtails are social and adventurous cats.


They enjoy playing in water and will sometimes even jump up onto the sink and turn on the tap themselves!


Putting a few toys in water will keep American Bobtails entertained for a while.

These clever cats are active, playful and respond well to water games such as catching water droplets from a dripping tap.

3. American Shorthair

american shorthair cat

American Shorthair cats are athletic, powerful and agile.


They will happily perch on the edge of a bathtub or tip over a water bowl to make it into a game. These cats are comfortable in and around water.

They enjoy splashing around, dipping their paws into water and will even play in the toilet if they can so don’t forget to put the lid down.


4. Bengal

bengal playing with water

tend to be lovers of water. They will often get their paws wet in water bowls and love to stand by and anything that floats.


If you fill up a bathtub and put a few toys in there it will keep a Bengal cat entertained.


Some Bengals even love to go for a dip so remember to close the door if you’re taking a bath or shower.

5. Japanese Bobtail

japanese bobtail cat

The Japanese Bobtail loves to get their paws wet.


They aren’t usually keen to swim or jump in a bath but they love to play around in any water they can find whether it’s a water bowl, sink, the toilet or even your drinking glass.

If you have a pond or aquarium you’ll want to keep a close eye on your Japanese Bobtail to ensure they don’t try to go fishing.

6. Maine Coon

wet maine coon

Maine Coons are the largest breed of domestic cat.

They have water-resistant fur which makes them able to swim and withstand cold temperatures.


This breed seems to be fascinated with water and has a long history of working on ships as pest control.

Maine Coons often learn how to turn on taps and seem to enjoy dunking toys in water and scooping water from toilet bowls.

These cats seem to like water more than most, they also enjoy the snow making them great companions for an adventure.

The long, fluffy coat of the Maine Coon needs to be brushed regularly to keep it free from tangles.


7. Manx

playful manx cat

are native to the Isle of Man, and as an island cat they seem to enjoy water.


It’s not unusual to see a Manx cat with their paws in water or trying to get into the shower.

This cat breed has a natural affinity towards swimming and water in general.

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat enjoy water (and snow!)

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a beautiful cat with a thick water-resistant coat.


These cats are excellent hunters and have been known to successfully hunt fish (so be careful if there is a pond nearby!).

Norwegian Forest Cats have no problem being around water and may swim occasionally.

They also love to climb and are fearless when it comes to jumping back to the ground.

9. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat by pool

Ragdolls love water.

They enjoy sitting on the edge of the bathtub and will even jump right into the water if they feel like it.

Ragdolls are a breed that comes running if they hear a tap or shower turned on.


A Ragdoll can be kept entertained in and around water for hours.

10. Savannah

savannah cat by pool

Savannah cats are beautiful, curious and often enjoy playing with water.


Savannah Cats are happy to go swimming and will play with water wherever they find it, whether its their water bowl or the shower.

A Savannah cat can be kept entertained by fishing out toys from water, they may also try to actually fish in an aquarium or pond so make sure these are kept securely closed if you have one of these cats.

11. Siberian Cats

siberian cat by pool

Siberian cats are originally from Russia and are well adapted to the cold climate.


Their fur is dense and water-repellent so they can handle cold and wet climates without a problem. Siberian cats tend to love playing in water.

Whether there is a running tap, a shower or a bowl of water, this breed won’t be far away.

One of the good things about the coat of a Siberian Cat is that if they’ve had a swim their coat won’t become a tangled mess.

This is a great cat breed to choose if you enjoy adventures, whether that’s in the mountains or the lakes.

12. Sphynx Cat


As Sphynx Cats are hairless, they often to help with their oily skin.


Although not natural water lovers like many of the other breeds listed, Sphynx Cats are more likely to enjoy water from a young age than other cat breeds.

Careful introduction and early exposure is a recipe for a water-loving .

13. Turkish Angora

turkish angora cat

Turkish Angoras are silky-coated, delicate-looking cats.

Despite their appearance, they are strong, playful and are drawn to water.

Turkish Angora cats enjoy splashing around in sinks and even show interest in the shower.

These cats will happily paddle in shallow streams and ponds. For many Turkish Angoras water is a great source of enrichment.


14. Turkish Van

turkish van cat

Originating from Lake Van in Turkey, this cat is nicknamed the “swimming cat”.

Turkish Van cats are known for loving water.

These cats have water-repellent fur and love to swim, bathe and play in water.

After a swim, they will look relatively dry thanks to their fur.

Turkish Vans are active cats that love water, whether it’s a bowl, bathtub or lake.

Why Do Some Cats Hate Water?

Some cats are afraid of water and don’t like the feeling of being in water.


This could be due to a number of things from discomfort, the heaviness of their coat when wet or as a result of feeling trapped or unable to react quickly to potential danger.

Cats like to be in control of the situation and they don’t respond well to change. If your cat doesn’t like water (even if they are one of the breeds we have mentioned) don’t try to force them to enjoy it.

You can take steps to get your cat used to being around water.

This could be as simple as using a cat water fountain or encouraging your cat to play with a dripping tap or with toys that are floating in a bowl of water.

These may capture your cat’s interest and encourage them to dip their paws in and have a play.


How To Encourage Cats To Enjoy Baths

If you would like to , that is a much bigger challenge.

This is a slow process so patience is required. Work through the steps below over the course of a few weeks.

Each step should only be moved on from when your cat is completely happy and comfortable.

If you rush this process it could hinder the progress you have already made so patience definitely pays off.

  • Put them into an empty bath/sink and offer treats or play with their favourite toy (the goal here is to positively reinforce to make the bath a fun/ less daunting place).
  • When in the empty bath, rub your cat with a damp washcloth so they get a bit damp.
  • Add a very small amount of water to the bottom of the sink/ tub (make sure the water is room temperature).
  • Gently put water onto your cat’s back while giving them treats
  • Now your cat is comfortable being in the bath and around water, you should be able to clean and rinse them
  • After washing, take a towel and dry your cat gently while talking calmly and rewarding them.

Reassure your cat at every stage of this process.


The goal is to make the experience peaceful and positive. Remain calm and offer rewards to help encourage your cat.

Generally, it is easier to get a cat to like water if they have been introduced to being in and around water from a young age.

Some cats can learn to love water.

Even cats that do not fall into any of the breeds listed above may still love water if they have been introduced to it carefully and in a positive way.

Do Cats Like Baths?

siberian cat having a bath

Most cats don’t like baths.

Many people think cats hate water in general because they avoid bath time.

However, it is more the feeling of being restrained and forced into the bath that causes cats to stress rather than the water.


This is why some cats hate baths but will happily play and paddle in water when they feel like it.

It is so important to introduce your cat to water and grooming regimes in a way that is positive and rewarding.


There are many cat breeds that seem to have a natural affinity with water.

They will happily paddle, splash around and play whenever they have the opportunity.

Some cats will even learn to turn the tap on themselves or will come running if they hear the bath or shower.


Many cats that love water have been introduced to it from a young age.

All cats hating water is a myth but not all cats love water either so don’t force your cat into water or get them wet if they don’t like it.

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