10 Funny Photos Of Golden Retriever Puppies In The Sleeping Dog Challenge

The sleeping dog challenge is joined by many golden retriever owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared adorable photos of sleeping golden retriever puppies with adorable, unique and funny looks. Here are 10 funny photos of golden retriever puppies in the sleeping dog challenge.

#1 – “Mia wishing my daughter would stay!!”

#2 – Too adorable! The tongue and the belly ❤️

#3 – “Stella can’t pick out her favorite sleeping position”

#4 – Awwwww! She is living her best life! ?

#5 – “This is George, 8 -10 weeks old. His first couple weeks in his new Colorado home.”

#6 – “Always next to the bed ?”

#7 – “Sage loves taking naps ??”

#8 – “This is Aurie at 9 weeks….????”

#9 – “Elwood, 5 weeks (on a visit, not home with us yet.). He then crawled into my son’s arms to nap safe.”

#10 – Sleeping angel ?

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