10 Funny Dog Pictures Before And After Haircut

For some dog breeds, grooming and trimming are necessary to keep your dog’s coat beautiful, soft, fluffy and avoid painful matting. And sometimes you may not be able to recognize your dog after he has had his coat trimmed. Here are 10 funny dog pictures before and after haircut.

#1 – This Bichon really needs a haircut

#2 – This change is really cute

#3 – Haircut makes him so much cuter

#4 – Before and after a haircut are both cute

#5 – This change makes me laugh

#6 – Sometimes the haircut can make you not recognize your dog

#7 – He looks really soft and cute

#8 – Is this a real dog? looks like a toy

#9 – He looks really happy with his new hairstyle

#10 – He definitely felt more comfortable after the hairs stopped covering his eyes

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